Where? Oh Where, Have my Processes & Roles Gone?

Where? Oh Where, Have my Processes & Roles Gone?

Jun 17th 2021

Presenter: Michael Cardinal, Service Delivery, Thirdera

A common misconception around ITIL 4 is that processes and roles no longer are important #incorrect.

The need to continually improve has always been a tenet of ITIL. This improvement cannot, and should not, be limited to improving the processes found in ITIL v3. Process-oriented ways of working tend to keep us bound to silo thinking and local optimization. Things that might have served us well when the world was simpler or when our organizations were in a chaotic state and needed to be brought under control. But the world has changed, and there is an urgent need for ITSM practitioners to change along with it.

In this session, Michael Cardinal digs down into how ITIL 4 not only addresses - but modernizes - processes and roles in IT service management for 2021 and beyond. This ability to not only improve, but to evolve, begins with a shift in mindset.

Join us so that Mike can start you down that path.

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