Franny Flamingo

I once asked Lisa Schwartz, "Why is the flamingo ITSM Academy's mascot?"  

"Franny has a long history at the Academy. At our very first conference, we were just two ladies with a dream, traveling to Long Beach CA for an early itSMF show. Being based in South Florida, our booth theme was beach, and the giveaways were koozies, beach balls, etc. I also had ordered a somewhat sizeable inflatable flamingo, which I bought because it was 50% off.  

The frame to our booth came - think silver scaffolding - but the beautiful new art panels didn't arrive on time. Since we only had the frame, what's a girl to do? I had to get creative..." 

Read the rest of Franny's origin story, when and how she officially became ITSM Academy’s mascot.