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You've Spent the $ - Now Please Make the Most of It!

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Complimentary Webinar

Let's Talk: Maximum Value for Training

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Lisa Schwartz, ITSM Academy Founder, and CXO is irked, bothered, miffed, and upset and she isn't going to take it any longer!

The disconnect between a Program Manager deciding, "OK, it's time for training" and the execution of scheduling the classes, has her frustrated. Join us as Lisa gives concrete tips, tricks, and advice on simple ways to maximize your training spend. Whether you are sourcing your training from ITSM Academy, or another provider, you don't want to miss this valuable webinar. 

  • The slide deck will be available the morning of the webinar
  • The recording of the session will be available post webinar

Motivated by the ideas presented? Print a Personal Action Plan to capture them.

Breaking Barriers: Aligning the Power of Certifications with Your IKIGAI

Complimentary Webinar Presenter: Gabrielle Davidsen, Managing Partner, Gartner Consulting Have you ever questioned your career choices and how they support your purpose in life? Personal branding can be a challenge in a world full of distraction, pulling us away from our passions and necessities to reach arbitrary milestones with ambiguous or short-lived feelings of success. Purpose gives [...]

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A Practitioner's Perspective - a chat with Mike Weaver

Complimentary Webinar Presenter: Michael Weaver, Director - GSMO Governance Controls & Improvements Join us for practitioner Mike Weaver's take on topics such as guiding principles of an organization & their application, change enablement, and the different challenges presented in the workplace. Download the slide deck Motivated by the ideas presented? Print a Personal Action Plan to capture them.

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Putting the People back in People, Process, Technology (PPT)

Complimentary Webinar Presenter: Mike Cardinal, Director BPMO - US, Thirdera When it comes to doing service management, we are often hyper focused on the technology, or even the processes that use the technology. But in the end the most important element of all is people. It is people who perform processes and use technology. Shouldn’t we put [...]

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State of ITSM and... 2023

Complimentary Webinar Presenter: Donna Knapp, Curriculum Development Manager As we move into 2023, the pandemic is behind us (sort of), but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still feeling its effects. We simultaneously need to address emerging trends that are shaping our digital world. Join us to hear about the top issues facing enterprise IT organizations in 2023 [...]

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Introducing ITSM Essentials

Complimentary Webinar Presenter: Donna Knapp, ITSM Academy & Troy DuMoulin, Pink Elephant Join our Curriculum Development Manager, Donna Knapp, and Troy DuMoulin of Pink Elephant for a lively conversation around our newest course, ITSM Essentials. Download the slide deck Motivated by the ideas presented? Print a Personal Action Plan to capture them.

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Fright Night - What Went Wrong and Why

Complimentary Webinar Presented by: Jeff Jensen, Founder & Principal @I Train IT Leaders Deborah McDaniel, Associate Director-Office of Information Technology @Rutgers University Jon Leighton, Head of Customer Engagement & Advocacy @Nexthink Come for the laughs, stay for the knowledge! Jeff, Debra, and Jon will begin by amusing us with sometimes bizarre, sometimes ludicrous situations they have witnessed... and then how they [...]

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ESM and the Big Re-Think: sustainable ESM with the USM Method

Complimentary Webinar Presenter: John Worthington, Principal and Certified USM Coach - MyServiceMonitor, LLC The shift to enterprise service management is increasing complexity, but fortunately giving new life to some old thinking can help you establish a sustainable management system for enterprise services. Join us for the big re-think and find out how to simplify and sustain enterprise service [...]

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Managing the Flow of Feedback

Complimentary Webinar Presenter: Donna Knapp, Curriculum Development Manager, ITSM Academy Value streams are getting a lot of attention these days, as organizations work to optimize the flow of value to their customers. However, equally important is the flow of feedback from customers to the decision-makers, designers, and developers who can use it to create even greater value. [...]

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ITIL Hacks That Work! Fast-Track Your Way to ITIL Maturity

Complimentary Webinar Presenter: Jeff Rumburg, CEO and Managing Partner of MetricNet ITIL is now a multibillion-dollar industry. ITIL training, certification, and audits are just some of the many ways you can immerse yourself in the world of ITIL. Yet most ITIL initiatives fall short of expectations, and the advent of ITIL4 has only exacerbated the situation. An emerging [...]

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