The Virtual Classroom


Confused about the differences between eLearning and the live, Virtual Classroom?

Read the blog.  The Virtual Classroom Works for You, the Learner. 

For almost two decades, ITSM Academy has offered most of our courses via Live, Instructor Led Virtual Classrooms.  Learners have access to the ITSM Academy Learner Portal and participate in our unique in-class GAME ON! An Interactive Learning Experience®

Learner Testimonial: "The quality of the instruction and interaction in my virtual class was fantastic. The virtual environment ended up being so convenient, such a cost and time savings, that even if this class had been offered next door to me, I would have elected virtual. I will definitely recommend ITSM Academy to others."

Benefits of Instructor Led Virtual Classroom Training:  covid-testimonial-on-virtual.png

  • No Travel Costs - Attend class from anywhere via the internet with no flight, hotel, etc. costs
  • Interactive - Live interaction with Instructor and classmates
  • Flexible - Balance training with daily work demands, while completing the class in less than 1 week
  • Timely - Complete the class and sit for the exam in less than 1 week
  • Proven Learner Materials - with over 50,000 learners trained, ITSM Academy's virtual classes offer the same great courseware and subject matter expertise, as our in-person classes
  • Go Green! Digital Learner Manuals - read more
  • Additional Tools - Download study aids and exam taking tips
  • Class Forum - Share experiences and assignments with other learners. Email instructor support
  • Extended Access - Take more time to absorb the course material
  • On-Line Exams - Flexible exam scheduling, handled directly with the Exam Institute
  • Immediate Results - Receive immediate results with on-line exams - which are included with all virtual class purchases

Virtual Classroom Guide Virtual Classroom - Tips for Success 

Download the Virtual Classroom Success Guide

Use the following advice and you will excel as a virtual learner!  

  • Block time on your calendar for the entire course, including time to complete homework/assignments.
  • Commit to attending the live (online) instructor-led sessions associated with this course and completing assigned work by the required dates.
  • Access class audio via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enabled computer with a headset. While learners can dial in via phone, we strongly recommend that you join the class using VoIP, with a headset.
  • Use the chat function to communicate with the other learners and the instructor. 

Virtual Exams

Web based exams offer you a much more flexible way to take your exam. Scheduling and taking you web based exams is easy. On the first day of class you will be issued a voucher by the independent examination institute.  You will pick the location, date and time that works best for you.  

You will need a quiet room where you will not be disturbed or interrupted during your exam. Your desk should be clear of all papers and materials.