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"I thought the class was great. I really appreciated the knowledge and insight I gained from participating in the class. I had several key take-a-ways that were helpful in my current position. I would definitely rate the training with 5 stars." ~ Toren, Service Desk Manager, Manufacturing

“As an IT Manager on the Service Delivery side of the house looking to develop skills more focused on the Dev side it exceeded my expectations.  I was able to take a great deal of knowledge from the course that I have already been able to directly apply to my coaching and managing.  I would highly recommend it for anyone in a situation such as mine.” ~ Jason O., Service Delivery Manager, Global Quality Assurance Provider

"I finally got confirmation that I am scheduled for my ITIL Expert Course in March. Special thanks to Lisa Schwartz and ITSM Academy’s team for checking in with me. Proud to say that ITSM Academy have been in charge of all my advanced studies and done a fabulous job!!!!" ~ Sidney R.,Tablet Mobility Engineer, Financial Organization 

"Thanks for the beautiful gift from ITSM Academy with my name and ITIL Expert engraved on it. That was very thoughtful and I will always keep this on my desk to advertise ITSM Academy and all the great things you all have done for me!" ~ Matt B., ITIL Expert, Program Director - Service Management, US Defense Contractor

“Your crew in the Ft. Lauderdale office were all warm, friendly, and professional. It helped to make the course experience very pleasant. Drew is an awesome instructor – and I really appreciated his teaching, his approach to the course, his sense of humor, and his depth of knowledge. And I am so very glad I passed and am now an ITIL Expert.” ~ Nicki C., Analysis, Program Development, US Defense Contractor

“Thanks for an awesome class! I have passed my test and am now ready for MALC.” ~ Mike M., Consultant, Leading ITSM Software Provider

“Thank you very much for the CPDE class – it was exactly what I needed! Michael also brought a lot of history and personal insight into the class which made it even more memorable and meaningful. Please pass along my gratitude to him for a job very well done.” ~ Lanny K., Sr. Business Consultant, Leading Integration Provider

"I would like to tell you how pleased I was with the ITIL training. I felt that all the people involved in the process, from the registration process, through the actual training, to the attached email that you sent me, "every one cared"... perhaps this is the single most critical attribute to your office team. I have already recommended this course at your location to one ex employee of mine, and will continue to do so going forward.  Again, thank you all for caring for the students as your guests during the training sessions." ~ Wilfried J., CIO, Financial Organization

"As we are wrapping up our SOA class this week and have collected comments from previous classes here I want to simply say, Thank You. Our command has done nothing but praise your instructor for his ability to connect to the learner and provide a quality ITIL knowledge foundation within our organization." ~ Andrew W., Director, Program Management Office, US Military

“Joyce, this was an awesome course, and you were very knowledgeable in this area. I weighted ITSM Academy vs other training providers and I'm so happy I picked ITSM Academy. I feel very prepared for this test, will spend this afternoon and tomorrow studying and will be taking the exam at 7:30pm tomorrow night. :) Great job!!" ~ Dana B., Customer Support Director, Network and Communication Services

“If anyone is looking for a good ITIL certification school, I recommend ITSM Academy. I couldn’t have done it without their great teachers!" ~ Shannon C., IT Change Control, Market-leading Cloud, Networking and Virtualization Technology Company

“I must say that I really enjoy having ITSM Academy as my training provider. My most recent course had a great mix of individuals from the industry with common interests and experiences. Drew’s teaching style really helped me to understand the objectives rather than just know or memorize the material. We learned and had fun at the same time! Kudos to everyone as always for making learning a great experience!” ~ Alphonso W., IT Service Management, Global Technology Leader

"I received the test results this morning and was ecstatic and relieved! Thanks so much for the great hospitality and learning environment. I will certainly keep ITSM Academy in mind when I get an opportunity (funding) to take another course." ~ Ricky P., US Military

“I would just like to commend the ITSM Academy team that developed your Virtual course offerings. I just took the ITIL CSI course virtually with Mike. Given I consider myself a "traditional class-room learner" and that I'd never taken a virtual course before, I was a bit anxious. I was immediately comforted when Michael was presented as the instructor, as he'd been my instructor for my CPDE certification and I knew he was knowledgeable and engaging, which makes him a quality instructor in my opinion. AND he allows for a break every hour, which when you first hear about, you might think that it is a lot and unnecessary, but when you are in class, you appreciate very much as it helps you focus and recharge. If that is a standard practice for all instructors, it is a great one.  I REALLY like the 5 hour per day format, vs 3 full days. For me the format allowed for a good pace and I never got overloaded with new material on any one day. The use of the tools (pointers, highlighters, supplemental materials section) along with the on-line quizzes and test reviews made the course more interactive than I could have imagined. I would ABSOLUTELY take another virtual ITSM Academy course, and have already shared with others how great an experience it was and recommended they considerate for their future course needs. Thanks so much for all your hard work in making this an enjoyable and successful vehicle for education.” ~ Theresa P., IT Service Management Consulting

“I thought the CPDE class was great! I've already used a lot of what I learned. I would highly recommend it to anybody that does any kind of process work." ~ Ian G., Business Consultant and Certified Process Design Engineer

"The quality of the instruction and interaction in my virtual Service Strategy class was fantastic. The virtual environment ended up being so convenient, such a cost and time savings, that even if this class had been offered next door to me, I would have elected virtual. I will definitely recommend ITSM Academy to others." ~ Anonymous

“Thank you so much for sharing your materials and for doing such an excellent job of teaching us! You are a great teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. One of the marks of a great teacher is the ability to draw from knowledge and experience gained from outside the syllabus, and you do that exceptionally well.” ~ Katherine S., Manager of Process Improvement & Infrastructure Services, Certified ITIL Expert (AND CPDE!), large US Hospital System

“I look forward to participating in the Alumni program and reconnecting with the itSMF local LIG. The CPDE course, my classmates, instructors and staff are all awesome and highly motivating!” ~ Al W., CPDE, Service Delivery and Regional Operations, Global Enterprise Software Organization

"I received my certification today for PPO. Thanks for running such a high-level, high-performance organization! I had a great time and the classmates and trainer were excellent. I'll see y'all next year for another Expert track course." ~ John B., Senior Change Analyst

"I want to send you a sincere THANK YOU for the Managers Bridge Course that you held last week. You did a fabulous job! I couldn't have asked for a better or more real world experienced instructor for the course. I don't think I could have been better prepared for the exam that followed. After finishing the exam, I knew that I was taught the subject matter as well as it could have been presented to me." ~ Cecil H., Principal Consultant

"Going into the virtual class, I was really worried about distractions. Having done eLearning in the past, I know I am the type of person who does best in a physical classroom, with the trainer right in front of me. To my surprise, it felt as if the trainer WAS right in front of me. She did an awesome job of keeping us all engaged, and free from distractions. I never thought I would say this, but I can’t wait to take another class this way. Thank you ITSM Academy for another fantastic experience." ~ Crystal L., Program Manager, Service Management

“I highly recommend the CPDE course. Over time we had pieced together a process design approach through research, as well as trial and error. The tools, techniques and templates from the CPDE course allowed my team to take our approach and documentation to a whole new level. The course simplified and streamlined what had been perceived as a complicated process, saving us time and money in our redesign efforts. Stakeholders are better engaged and much more satisfied with the experience and results. I hold a good majority of the advanced ITIL certifications and having my CPDE knowledge before taking those classes would have helped me more quickly and effectively apply what I learned to our situation.” ~ Dan O., ITSM Program Director, State Government

"I wanted to let you know that I became an ITIL Expert. I took some virtual classes to finish my last 2 trainings. I enjoyed tremendously taking classes with the ITSM Academy and have and will recommend it. I will keep in touch and participate in your webinars. Thanks to your group for hooking me on this framework!" ~ Martine P., Program Manager, Market and Technology Leader in Business Management Software

“I got my results from the ITIL Foundation exam on Tuesday and I passed with an 85%. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all of the help and support you provided to me in preparing for this exam. I think I can honestly say that I would not have been able to successfully pass this exam on my first attempt without your invaluable assistance. I would like to voice my appreciation to the entire team at the ITSM Academy for their support in this effort.” ~ Ned. B., Senior Quality Analyst, Government Prime Contractor

“My experience with the online classes was wonderful. Thank you for offering classes in the virtual format. The expert certification would not be feasible for me if I had to travel.” ~ Thane T., Service Owner, US Dept of Energy R&D Organization

"Earning a CPDE really brought multiple disciplines together into a cohesive package – from ‘soup to nuts’ – for review and retooling of existing processes to using specific tools to show where bottlenecks or potential enhancements can be found. This pulls many things together to enhance the knowledge of process engineer so that they can bring better value to their company." ~ Bryan D., Process Engineer

“Oh my gosh...what an amazing teacher!!!!!! I really loved this Foundation class! When I figure out my path, I'll definitely take my classes through your organization. It was a pleasure! Well done.” ~ Arianne G.

“The Service Manager Bridge course was awesome! The instructor was excellent! Awesome class AND an exam pass, I couldn’t ask for anything more…except maybe another round of those fresh, crunchy Oreo cookies you guys provided…or maybe another lip-smacking Reuben which I talked about for days! Classmates, thanks for making it a most enjoyable week.” ~ Dolores T., Organization Providing Professional Information Technology and Logistics Support Services, to Federal and Commercial Markets

"I chose ITSM Academy because I wanted a live classroom instructor (not online) and because you offer the full complement of ITIL capabilities and lifecycle courses. Being a PMI REP was a great bonus too - taking this class gave me the PDU's I needed to renew my current PMP cycle.  Our instructor did a great job of using personal insight and experience to explain and enhance the material. At the same time, he never strayed far from the material and kept the class focused and on topic.  The materials were very good - clear and concise, and the content was professionally developed and presented. I was very pleased with how well the lecture matched the materials (not just the slides, but the homework and sample exams too), and how it all matched the actual exam. From a learning perspective, and an exam preparation perspective, I think the course did a great job and I will definitely be back when I need additional ITIL coursework." ~ Paul K., Project Manager

"Thank you, thank you, thank for your assistance... The class materials and the lifecycle management were so interesting that I stayed engaged for the content.... I'm sure the MALC training will help me in my endeavors to improve IT at my organization, and I thank you and ITSM Academy for that direction..." ~ Phillip S., Chief of Planning, Coordination and Asset Management, Division of the US Federal Government

“Just a short note to express my appreciation for your guidance and instruction during the SOA class. My passing the exam with an 85 is something noteworthy as one of your great achievements......I learned much more than I thought. Great job and I do hope our paths cross again in the future.” ~ David M., US IT Program Manager, Global Energy & Petrochemicals Companies

“We would like to thank everyone at ITSM Academy and especially our trainer for supporting us in our pursuit of excellence in IT Service Management. Everyone I've spoken with has expressed how much they enjoyed the class and gained a better understanding of the ITIL processes. Our Instructor gave us all the information we needed and in a way that was easily understood.  We very much want to express our gratitude and appreciation for all the excellent training provided by some of the best instructors in the business. We look forward to expanding our knowledge base of ITSM through future classes locally and at your location.” ~ Jim S., Service Desk, Federal Government

“We highly recommend ITSM Academy - FAR Superior to the competition.” ~ Robert D., Program Manager, Information Technology Services

"Thanks, again for a great CPDE class. I think I can speak for all of us in saying that it was a great class with the right information we needed at this point in our "process" (no pun intended). Thanks for allowing us to take the time to dig into specifics in class. I think that interaction made the class that much more effective for us." ~ William B., Problem Management Process Owner, Federal Government

"This was my second experience with virtual class. The previous one was with another company, and let me tell you that it was a complete disaster... With ITSM Academy, it was so easy and great. On the first day, I was worried about the VoIP quality, so I went to the office to be sure to have good bandwidth and Internet access. The following days I took the class from home, and was completely satisfied in terms of voice quality and also the power point presentation...no technical problems at all.  The instructors were completely accurate and assertive on class management (times, knowledge about the topic, interaction with students, etc).  I also have to mention how easy it was to take the exam. Even though I had a connection problem during the exam, I reconnected and all my answers were there so I did not have to start the exam all over again. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience for me, and I will definitively recommend this type of course to anybody, but more precisely, I will recommend to my CIO ITIL Foundation training for all our IT department, as part of the basic knowledge everybody in our department must have. Thanks Again!" ~ Melvin G., Service Management Leader for an International Food Manufacturer

“ITSM Academy has hit another home run with this well-designed and thoughtful SOA course. It is designed to help organizations get the most from their adoption of ITIL best practices.” ~ Rodger B., Process Improvement Manager, Government Prime Contractor

"Your virtual classroom proved to be an effective way to complete my ITIL Foundation bridge course, without having to travel. It gave me the opportunity to have class in the morning, catch up with work in the afternoon and then study in the evening." ~ Karen F., IT Manager, Global Utility Management Organization

"Just to throw in my two cents worth, that was an absolutely great class. I really enjoyed class and found it to be extremely useful. I was guardedly optimistic last Friday afternoon, and excited to hear that the whole class passed - 100% - wow! With the personality dynamics, the experiences and the information exchange from the class, tied in with a strong curriculum and excellent delivery, what other results would we have expected?" ~ Wes B., Project Manager, US Defense Contactor

“Thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge and experience in my recent ITIL SOA class. This was clearly one of the most important and valuable classes for me professionally." ~ Kristen C., I/S Strategic Consultant, Large Insurance Company

"We are finally getting further governance of the ITIL framework in place! Thanks for the ideas we went over in class. I presented a paper to my boss and his boss concerning the RCV duties, responsibilities and dependencies. They are really wanting to take things to the next level and we are better defining our process/policies/procedures as we speak. I am more excited about our direction than I have been in many months. Thanks for your great insight. I really appreciate the effort you put into teaching. I really enjoyed finally meeting Pat and I recently got to see Krista Lewis at a local LIG in Tallahassee. You guys are awesome." ~ Sandy S., Change Manager, State Government

“I just want to let you know that Joy was an excellent instructor and was very knowledgeable in her delivery of the content of the course. I really enjoyed the interaction and it was a pleasure to have taken the class under her tutelage!” ~ Garland B., Large Enterprise Software Company

“Just got my results. I passed! With good scores to boot! I wanted to thank Drew for his class and his strategic approach to the material, which is what helped me pass the exam. He made material that is rather dry, very interesting and was an engaging teacher. Once again, thank you.” ~ Aruna C., Project Manager

I wanted to let you know what a great job Joy did on the instruction of the Foundation course. The instruction was informative and not only provided a strong baseline to pass the exam, but included “real world” scenarios that allow you to leverage the content back to our corporate roles. I also purchased ITIL books from your site and look forward to taking more courses from your firm in the future. I will be recommending your firm to our company and clients. Thanks again.” ~ Bryan J, PMP, Director Federal Government Consulting Firm

“Thank you for a good week of training. I left feeling confident of learning the processes and pretty confident of passing the exam (which I did, though I missed a couple more questions than I had hoped). I've forwarded my feedback to my managers to encourage anyone that will be involved with the CMDB and change management to be sure and take this course, and to use ITSM Academy.” ~ Paula L., Sr. Systems Analyst, Leading Diversified Industrial Manufacturer

“Drew, thanks for all your hard work and knowledge for instilling the ITIL core concepts! Congratulations team! I'm very thankful to share in the team’s success! You guys are a great bunch, all the best to each of you. The class and your staff are fantastic! I will proudly recommend your training company to other professionals.” ~ Gloria S., PMP, President of IT Consulting Organization

“Congratulations to all my classmates, and sincere thanks to Drew for making it an enjoyable and rewarding training experience. I can specifically attribute the one-on-one attention he paid to questions I had during the review period leading up to the exam on the last day to my confidence about my answers to more than a couple of the many seemingly ambiguous test questions that I otherwise may have answered incorrectly. To be quite honest I did not think I did that well on the exam and was pleasantly surprised when I saw my score!” ~ Lenny S., IT Professional

"The Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE) class provides an opportunity to understand the basics of process improvement from an IT service management perspective, without bias towards a particular framework or proprietary methodology. Unlike many business process oriented approaches, CPDE provides an IT process lane that is tailored to the needs of the IT community. It compliments BPM initiatives and can help IT process design and improvement teams get on the Right Road to ITSM excellence." ~ John W., Principal, IT Service Delivery Organization

"Thanks again so much for all your great services - working with you always results in success for me. You're the best!" ~ Vickie G., Certified ITIL Expert, Consultant

“Thanks to everyone at ITSM Academy that was tugging at the invisible magic cords to create a great learning experience.” ~ Arun S., Certified ITIL Expert, Delivery Excellence Group, EITS, Major Defense and Federal Government Contracting Firm

“Thanks for doing such a great job with our class last week. I learned a lot and appreciate your teaching skills. Much appreciated. I also wanted to say thanks to the rest of the staff as well. The office was very nice, breakfast and lunch very tasty. It provided a very nice learning experience.” ~ Jack S., Client Services, Large Food Production and Distribution Organization

“I just wanted to take a moment to say that I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone in Dallas, It was one of the best training classes that I ever had. Not only was the training exceptionally done (Kudos to ITSM Academy - who are Great hosts and instructors), and for those of you attending the class, you all were a great group to work and study with.” ~ Dan O., Independent Consultant

“Thank you very much for how well you prepared us, not only for the certification exam, but the unique challenges ITIL implementation presents. I’ve presented to my boss (the Director of Support Services) only a few of the ideas we discussed in class, and he’s excited by the direction I want to take the Problem Management program and has given me his blessing to start making changes and moving forward with the plans. Your enthusiasm for the ITIL processes and how they can and will improve an organization will now have a direct impact on the future of patient care at our healthcare organization.” ~ Jason H., Problem/Knowledge Manager, Healthcare Provider

"I was both delighted and relieved to discover that our instructor has a lot of practical experience in service management. Besides being an excellent instructor, Joy was able to use her background to keep the class interesting with plenty of practical context and references. While I went in to this course with a pretty solid grounding on general ITIL structure and concepts, this 3-day tour does a good job of thoroughly exploring conceptual nooks and crannies of ITIL. For me, it did a lot to separate the facts from any preconceptions or suppositions that only casual exposure inevitably creates.” ~ Terry D., Chief Process Architect, Leading Portfolio Management Solutions Organization

"The ITSM Academy has a complete focus on training AND passing the exams. The quality of trainers, curriculum and classroom experience is first rate. I have over 30 years in IT and was happily surprised on how much I learned." ~ Chip B., Independent Consultant, former CIO of Top Financial Organization

"I’d like to thank you all for helping me to get the IT Service Manager certificate. You have provided a unique learning experience mixing deep knowledge in the subject, confidence and professionalism. I now understand why your success rate is higher than the market. I will definitely refer ITSM Academy to our customers, employees and contacts. It’s very good to work with people that perform their job with love and passion. Thanks again for the amazing experience.” ~ Fabiano C., Service Desk Coordinator, Worldwide Technology Solutions Organization

"You have an awesome team at ITSM Academy. Our instructor could not have demonstrated more professionalism, passion or knowledge during the course. From the first phone call in, I was greated with an energetic enthusiasm that immediately establishes the spirit of team!" ~ Ronda M., IT Manager, US Military

"Part of our success is attributed to the content of the ITIL class from ITSM Academy. I appreciate the work of the ITSM Academy and the services.” ~ Venkat S., Applications, National Integrated Health Care Provider

"It was a great pleasure to be able to attend this course. The professional experience of the instructor as well as the material and exercises applied in the course were of excellent quality. Thanks again for your outstanding service." ~ Gabriel E., Latin American Service Group

"Your course for Service Management provided a learning experience which enabled me to be a better change manager and leader in my organization. The ITSM Academy instructors were truly dedicated to the learning and success of each student in our class. The instructors had expertise and an exciting enthusiasm for the subject. The training materials I received were what I needed to prepare for and pass the ITIL Service Manager exam. Each lesson, over the three week course, was filled with interactive, hands-on activities as well as thought-provoking discussion. My passing results on the ITIL Service Manager exam are a true reflection of the ITSM Academy’s exemplary standard of teaching and dedication to their students." ~ Tammy M., Change Manager, State CIO Office

“This is the best class I have ever taken, by far. Wonderful job to all of you!” ~ Cindy P., State Governmental Agency

"It was a very enjoyable class and I am glad I was able to attend. The instructor’s knowledge and presentation methods were quite exceptional. Gaining all of the information in a high level overview of the ITIL methodology helps me understand the relationships between the processes.” ~ Jason B., Large Financial Services Organization

“Taking the Service Manager class at ITSM Academy was a very fun and rewarding journey. I am stoked about the certification, and the knowledge that I gained and was able to bring back and apply on our program has been invaluable. The course was great and the trainers, staff, facilities, and location all exceeded my expectations. I look forward to seeing you again in a future class. Thanks again.” ~ Steve R., Service Delivery Manager, State Information Technology Agency

"Bryan’s delivery was excellent – very clear and concise. Very helpful, open to questions and gave real-life examples. He was a wonderful instructor and I will leave with an enormous amount of confidence and knowledge." ~ Barbara P., IT Service Delivery Manager, Worldwide Oil and Natural Gas Industry Products and Services Organization

“I have come to rely on ITSM Academy for the consistent manner in which every facet of the company is managed. Our instructors have stated that of all the material they have seen, ITSM Academy's stands out as the best.” ~ Bruce O., Director of Operations, ITSM Consulting and Training Company

"I like the fact that you are just teaching concepts and not pushing consulting services on us.” ~ Kent H., Technology Manager, Large Financial Organization

“You folks did an excellent job. I was so impressed with the organization, teachers, and positive atmosphere that ITSM presented. I’ll be back!” ~ Scott B., Chief, Federal Government Agency

"It looks like our hard work paid off. Special thanks to our instructors for getting us through the exam prep plus all of the other great information they shared with us. I enjoyed my week with all of you." ~ Carol M., Systems and Network Services Manager, County Agency

"Our instructor delivered this very challenging material with wit and a genuine desire to ensure our success as practitioners. I also found her real life experiences invaluable in the learning process. As a final compliment, most trainers can give you a good ROI just by conveying the material - great trainers give you an additional and intangible ROI when they can instill the desire to learn and apply that knowledge at the highest level. Thanks for taking me to that level. The experience was so pleasant that I hope to take additional training with ITSM Academy in the near future and will highly recommend you to both peers and clients." ~ Carla K., IT Consultant, Leading Professional Services Firm

“You can go anywhere to get good training, but ITSM Academy makes it an experience in learning; there is a difference.” ~ Bill M., IQA Manager, Leading International Insurance Organization

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the class last week. Joyce did an excellent job presenting the information, and keeping us all engaged." ~ Ron H., Business Lead, Southeast Utility Leader

"Not only did my colleagues and I do extremely well on our Foundations certification exam, we also feel extremely prepared to bring this training back to our organization to share the framework of ITIL with others. The training facility was top notch and the instructors and staff were really champions for the knowledge that they shared. Real life examples were used to reinforce the concepts that they trained and the experiences shared from the rest of the class really make attending in person worthwhile. Thank you ITSM Academy for your great training provided!" ~ Anita M., Trainer, Large Electronic Financial Solutions, Services and Products Organization

"Time well spent; the Team not only finished the IS0 20000 Foundation course but successfully completed the proctored certification examination. Our thanks goes to the ITSM Academy team for making this truly a learning experience that allowed the entire group to share knowledge and our Service Management experiences." ~ Iris P., IT Director, Large IT Fortune 500 Company

“I really enjoyed the Foundation class and especially enjoyed the stay at the beach!.” ~ Kristine S., Disaster Avoidance Analyst, large Southeast Medical Organization

"ITSM Academy is our preferred vendor for all our ITIL training – Foundation, Practitioner, and Service Manager. Our experience with the Academy has proven that they are very selective in choosing their instructors and their classroom material is exceedingly well done, thereby guaranteeing a high quality educational experience. I truly believe that by choosing ITSM Academy, our company is providing our associates with a training environment in which they have the highest likelihood of success; from an exam preparation standpoint and more importantly, from the perspective of practical application of ITIL best practices." ~ Lisa B., IT Project Manager, a Midwest Insurance Company

“Please pass my appreciation to Lisa and the entire ITSM Academy staff for helping me pass the Practitioner exam and, even more important, understand the material presented.” ~ Rick P., Project Manager, Service Provider for Mainframe, Mid-tier and Enterprise Networks

“It is my belief that the fact that everyone passed is reflective of the professionalism and commitment to success of the staff at ITSM Academy.” ~ Mike T., Senior Project Manager, Leading Health Plan Provider

“Thanks for all your help on achieving this Service Manager Certification. You make us feel well served and we learned a lot in the class.” ~ William C., Network Engineering Manager, Large Provider of Information Technology Solutions

"I had a great time last week in class, I learned so much and you all are so nice with a great positive approach. Thanks for providing quality education in a quality environment." ~ Vicky H., Manager IS Process, Large Southeastern Healthcare Providers

“Just got the results and it turns out I'm the guy who got 100%. Great job teaching!" ~ Kevin P, National Real Estate Investment Management Firm

“I can honestly say there are two educational achievements in my life that I am proud of – my MBA from Notre Dame and my Service Manager certification. Your SM program was, without a doubt, the best IT class I’ve ever had. I think the approach used is spot on and trainer’s style is great.” ~ George Spafford, President, Spafford Global Consulting

"I found the ITSM Academy's IT Service Manager course to be excellent. My consulting firm considered this course as a major investment. At the end of the second week, I felt like we received exceptional value for the cost and our time. I would compare the course to an intense, graduate study program - and rightly so given the difficultly level of the exams. Your professors were consummate professionals. Their real world experience, insight, and deep belief in the benefits IT Service Management can bring to corporations made the course exceed my expectations. The course materials were clear, concise, and provided a well-organized reference. The graded homework assignments and practical group exercises were key to preparing the class for the exams and certainly also benefited my personal development as a consultant. Thank you very much for an brilliant learning experience." ~ Craig LaCava, Principal Consultant, Global IT Service Management Consulting Firm

“I enjoyed the class and found it quite informative. The interaction and learning the challenges others face in their ITSM journey were very useful.” ~ Gary R., Manager Production Services, Regional Health Plan Provider

“Thank you so much for the facilitation of the ITIL class. It was by far one of the most informative and helpful technology course I have ever taken. Your class answered the specifics regarding an implementation that other classes and presentations simply do not address.” ~ Christin L., Senior Consultant, International Provider of Independent Internal Audit and Business and Technology Risk Consulting Services

"Just wanted to let you know that I did receive by blue pin today! Thanks for the great training and hospitality!!" ~ Eric C., Global Technology Change/Configuration Manager, Global Leader in Human Resource Consulting

"I wanted to compliment you on a valuable and productive training session you gave following the 2005 itSMF USA Forum in Chicago. The practical inclusion of the ITSM templates and documents on the USB mini-drives you gave us was a very nice and extremely useful touch. The interactions between fellow students that you both incited so well was invaluable - real-time feedback from fellow Fortune 500 companies on their experiences, pitfalls and successes was the best form of networking I was involved in all week." ~ Andrew S., Director, Internet Applications Service Provision, Global Provider of Independent Credit Ratings (Fortune 500 Company)

“Bill and I want to thank you (of course Lisa for doing FANTASTIC!!!) for doing a great job. We both passed the Foundation Exam and are looking for recommendations to take additional classes via ITSM Academy.” ~ Doug S., President, IT Consulting and System Integration Company

“I could not have asked for a better class and such good educator as Donna. It was a good week of learning. Both myself and Srikanth are in the process of imparting what we learned and are implementing it here.” ~ Amarnath, Project Manager, Leading Business Solution Organization (Fortune 500 Company)

“After completion of ITSM Academy’s ITIL Foundation course, I felt that I have a solid understanding of the ITIL/IT Services Management framework. For me, the depth of knowledge, practical experience, and advanced training/certification of the instructor was the key that unlocked the value of the well written and presented courseware. In addition to having passed the exam with flying colors, I feel confident that I will be able to share and apply what I have learned with the organizations that I advise. I look forward to pursuing Practitioner and Service Manager certificates from ITSM Academy in the future.” ~ Alan Y., PMP, CISSP

“The book provided is a great tool. I had no knowledge of ITIL, and the class did an awesome job explaining and teaching. Excellent Class!” ~ Kathy F., Leading Distributor of Industrial Supplies

“The exercises and practice tests were very helpful. The instructors provided different perspectives and helped keep the class interesting. Throughout the class, I felt engaged.” ~ Roxanne S., Leading Distributor of Industrial Supplies

“By taking ITSM Academy’s ITIL Foundation class I not only walked out of the room certified, but more importantly, I received a better understanding of the issues companies are currently facing along with how best to solve these challenges. I feel as though I truly gained a better understanding of ITIL and I am much more excited to achieve the benefits of embarking on the ITIL journey.

After speaking with colleagues who have taken the Foundations class in the past with other companies, the program offered by ITSM Academy truly shines above the rest. I think this is due to your enthusiasm in this arena, coupled with your past experiences and the thorough interaction with fellow students who are facing the same challenges. Thanks again!” ~ Marc H., Global Management Software Company (Fortune 500 Company)

“Your subject knowledge was superb, but as important was your ability to relate the materials to a real story. Your approach made it so much easier to connect with the information being presented. I truly feel that I have a solid understanding of the fundamentals. In fact, I completed my test in 20 minutes and passed!” ~ O. Johnson, Global Provider of Products, Technologies, Solutions and Services (Fortune 500 Company)

"Great Class and Instruction! Time Well Spent." ~ Shawn B., Leader in the Automotive Industry (InformationWeek 500)

“Thanks for preparing such a good course and learning opportunity for ITIL Foundation. I enjoyed the class.” ~ Michael M., Leading Global Consumer Products Company

“I wanted to let both of you know my team and I really enjoyed the class and brought away with us a lot of great best practices. I look forward to future classes. You do a great job at conducting and presenting to us the material.” ~ Shana R., World Leader in Office Product Sales

"Very well done! ITSM Academy is so good at communicating the important information and professionalism. I’m proud to be associated and to recommend you!" ~ Virginia S, President and Founder, Training Company

"ITSM Academy has been a great partner from both quality of product and consistency of delivery. We can count on them." ~ Marc T., CEO, Mid-Western Content Partner 

“Your ITIL training was very well presented.  I would clearly recommend it to others who are interested in learning more about ITIL and preparing themselves for foundation certification.” ~ Mark B., IT Infrastructure Consulting Services Company

 “I am recommending the course [at ITSM Academy] to my colleagues and my clients!” Mark K. - Consultant

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