The Metrics Of Shift Left

The Metrics Of Shift Left

Feb 18th 2021

Presenter: Jeff Rumburg, Managing Partner, MetricNet

Organizations that haven’t spent a great deal of time shifting left—that is, moving tickets from desktop support to Level 1 service desk, or from Level 1 service desk to Level 0 self-help—are missing out on a significant cost-reduction strategy.

Recent MetricNet benchmarks show that 18% of all tickets resolved by desktop support could have been, and should have been, resolved by the Level 1 service desk. These unnecessary escalations result in hidden support costs that often go unnoticed because they are rarely tracked. Moreover, shadow IT – where employees bypass the service desk and send issues directly to technicians or managers – left unchecked can cause costs to skyrocket.

In this webinar, we will share case study examples and key success metrics from support organizations that identified opportunities to reduce or eliminate 1) unnecessary escalations through cross-training and knowledge maturation, 2) workload drivers through self-service or automation and 3) ticket volume through ITIL Process Maturation – specifically Incident and Problem Management.