Ask Me Anything - Lean Edition

Ask Me Anything - Lean Edition

Nov 16th 2018

Lean webinar

CoPresenters: Mike Orzen, Lean Technologist / Author, Donna Knapp, Curriculum Development Manager / Author

It’s been said that where there is demand there is a value stream. It seems you can’t visit an IT website these days without reading about the importance of value stream management. As  AgileLean and DevOps practices accelerate our ability to satisfy customer demand, it’s important that ITSM professionals understand the relationship between value streams and processes.

Join Mike Orzen, author of Lean IT and The Lean IT Field Guide and Donna Knapp, author of The ITSM Process Design Guide, for a conversation about value streams and the benefits of incorporating Lean thinking into our continuous improvement efforts. Mike and Donna will set the stage and then ‘open up the mics’ for your questions about anything related to value streams and value stream mapping.