Value Stream Mapping Key Concepts

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Value Stream Mapping Key Concepts

When there is demand, there is a value stream. A value stream is the sequence of activities required to design, produce and deliver a specific product or service. How can IT organizations accelerate delivery fast enough to meet that demand ahead of startups and their competition? By going Lean.

Whenever there is customer demand there is a value stream. The challenge lies in seeing it.vsmf-quote.png

This two and a half (2½) hour workshop briefly introduces basic Lean concepts with a focus on value stream mapping. Value stream mapping is a Lean tool used to document, analyze and improve the flow of information or materials required to produce a product or service for a customer. Mapping a value stream creates a visual representation of how the current end-to-end process works and helps to identify and minimize waste and constraints.

Class includes experiential exercises, GAME ON! An Interactive Learning Experience® and access to ITSM Academy's Learner Portal.

Learning Objectives:  

During this class, learners acquire a practical understanding of:

  • Basic Lean concepts
  • Basic value stream concepts
  • The elements and parts of a value stream map
  • The value stream mapping process (high-level overview)
  • How to identify waste and barriers to flow
  • How to create a plan of action

Come ready to participate in lively discussions about improvements, benefits and challenges.

Delivery: For 2½ hours, learners are immersed in material that is presented in a fun, practical manner using exercises and real-world examples.

Audience: This training is designed to introduce the principles of Lean thinking and provide a high-level overview of the value stream mapping process.  This class is for all professionals and organizations involved in delivering value to customers through the development and delivery of products and services including:

  • Anyone who wants to learn the basics of Lean and value stream mapping
  • Quality and process improvement professionals
  • Individuals and teams participating in a value stream mapping workshop
  • Individuals and teams who want to better understand how to use value stream mapping in conjunction with a continuous improvement effort
  • Line managers, team leaders and supervisors who want to improve cross-functional collaboration

Professional Education Hours: Individuals attending this class will earn 4 professional education hours (e.g., PDUs, CPEs, CEUs) upon completion of this course. These professional education hours can be submitted to associations such as the Project Management Institute and ISACA, if applicable.

Instructors: As with all ITSM Academy training, our instructors have successful track records as IT professionals and bring that acumen into the classroom. Utilizing the highest quality content, our trainers blend their real-life experiences into lively classroom discussion. Trainers for this course are seasoned professionals, hold multiple IT service management (ITSM), DevOps and Agile industry certifications and have successfully completed ITSM Academy's VeriSM Train-the-Trainer Program.

Course / Student Materials:

  • Access to ITSM Academy's Learner Portal – – extends the classroom experience with online content and tools
    • Digital Learner Manual (excellent post-class reference)
    • Learner Personal Action Plan
    • Sample documents, templates tools and techniques
    • Access to additional sources of information and communities
  • Four (4) hours of instructor led training and exercise facilitation
  • Participation in our GAME ON! An Interactive Learning Experience® 
  • Participation in unique assignments designed to apply concepts



 Let's Go Green: Materials for this course are provided as downloadable soft copy files that can be viewed on a variety of devices. Attendees may print a hard copy of the files in whatever format best meets their needs, and can use the files under the Terms of Use as indicated on the material.

 Prerequisites: None

Classes Held In:

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