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While we always recommend learners attend our live, virtual training, we understand that time constraints don't always make that possible. This course is available to self-study. Please click here for more information. 

This sixteen (16) hour course describes how to accelerate and modernize your IT service management (ITSM) processes in support of DevOps. Let’s face it, ITSM processes have – at times – a reputation for being heavy handed and bloated. They can also be a constraint in the IT value stream; particularly in organizations adopting Agile and DevOps practices. In this course you will practice and master pragmatic approaches for streamlining, automating and integrating ITSM processes with Agile, DevOps, and Lean practices.


Organizations adopting a DevOps culture and practices can deliver high-quality software faster, which means the business can deliver value to customers faster. You sometimes hear that DevOps and ITSM aren’t compatible. The reality is that high-performing organizations aren’t achieving success without ITSM processes. These organizations are performing ITSM processes. These processes are just so streamlined and (often) automated that people don’t even realize that they are executing ITSM processes.

This course discusses key ITSM processes that are critical to DevOps and how those processes MUST be adapted to achieve high performance and deliver business value. These processes also directly impact the customer and employee experience.

In an enterprise, DevOps doesn’t eliminate the need for controls and data. Regulatory controls and audits still exist and risks and impacts must still be managed. ITSM for DevOps introduces ways to achieve both speed and control while driving value across the IT value stream. 

Learning Objectives: At the end of this course, the learner will understand:

  • How companies are struggling with the technological and human challenges of digital transformations
  • The role of service management
  • How IT service management is viewed as a constraint
  • How DevOps introduces and aligns with new ways of thinking and working such as Continuous practices, DevSecOps, Site Reliability Engineering, Agile Service Management, Observability and AIOps
  • How to accelerate, integrate, and automate key ITSM processes in support of DevOps
  • ITSM process integration and automation
  • How to leverage Lean and Agile methods to reduce waste and positively impact both the cost and quality of processes and services

Key ITSM processes we focus on accelerating and adapting in this class include:

  • Service Level Management
  • Change Management
  • Release Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Monitoring and Event Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Request Management

This highly-experiential class also includes facilitated discussions and exercises that produce deliverables you can put to use immediately.

Course Student Material:

  • Sixteen (16) hours of instructor-led training and exercise facilitation
  • Digital Learner Manual (excellent post-class reference)
  • Sample documents, templates, tools, and techniques
  • Participation in unique assignments designed to apply concepts and produce actionable deliverables
  • Learner Personal Action Plan
  • Access to additional sources of information and communities
  • Exam voucher

Audience: The main target candidates for this course are:

  • Anyone interested in modernizing ITSM processes in support of a DevOps or digital transformation 
  • ITSM process owners, process managers and stakeholders 
  • IT transformation leaders, coaches, and managers
  • DevOps Leaders
  • Consultants guiding their clients through DevOps- and ITSM-related process improvement initiatives


Let's Go Green: Materials for this course are provided as downloadable digital files that can be viewed on a variety of devices. Attendees may print a hard copy of the files in whatever format best meets their needs, and can use the files under the Terms of Use as indicated on the material.

Familiarity with DevOps and IT service management processes (recommended)

Exam & Certification: Learners will be equipped to earn their ITSM for DevOps accreditation by achieving a passing score (65%) on a 45-minute exam, consisting of 20 multiple choice questions. Any learner not successful on their first attempt is eligible for one (1) free resit.

Professional Education Hours: Individuals attending this class will earn 16 professional education hours (e.g., PDUs, CPDs, CPEs, CEUs) upon completion of this course. These professional education hours can be submitted to associations such as the PeopleCert, Project Management Institute and ISACA, if applicable.

As with all ITSM Academy training, our instructors have years of hands-on IT practitioner experience, enabling them to effectively intertwine theory and real-life stories and scenarios. Using the highest quality content, this training style encourages active group participation, allowing all learners to bring from class a wealth of practical knowledge. Instructors for this course are Certified Process Design Engineers, hold multiple ITSM, DevOps and Agile Service Management Certifications and have completed ITSM Academy's Train-the-Trainer program.

Course Logistics:

Learners should only commit to classes they are prepared to attend.  ITSM Academy Open Enrollment Class Terms and Conditions.

  • 5
    Maximize Your Investment in ITIL ...Make Your DevOps Teams Phenomenal!

    Posted by Keith S on Mar 28th 2019

    Having taken and delivered this offering, it is clear that it is the answer to retaining and maximizing the long term investments made in ITIL, while also maturing the DevOps movement in your company. One customer's long time Change Management Process owner has indicated that adopting some of the concepts learned here will greatly reduce the "60% time of herding cats" while still feeling confident that the company is protected and compliant to legal and regulatory requirments. Another Change Management Process owner, who previously sat DevOps Foundation indicated that this offering really complemented their previous DevOps learning ("made it make sense"). As a consultant, I am more enabled to speak and advise customers on what they might consider doing to get the greatest value from both (as well as other adopted frameworks and methods), based on their current level of maturity. We must keep learning how the integration of multiple 'pieces' can make us better service providers!

  • 5
    ITSM for DevOps is an AWESOME CLASS !!!

    Posted by Judy on Jan 12th 2019

    Loved, loved, loved it! And, of course, I’d be privileged to be able to be an approved as Instructor for ITSM for DevOps!

  • 5
    Loved the interactions with other learners!

    Posted by Judy S. on Aug 27th 2018

    This content is fabulous, well-organized, flowed very well and delivery was excellent! Loved the interactions with other learners! This course is “just enough” to guide learners how to change their ITSM processes to adapt to Agile, Lean, aka DevOps!!! People, Process, Products and Partners! AWESOME!

  • 4
    Very Relevant for Today's Enterprise

    Posted by John Worthington on Apr 24th 2018

    I really liked this class; the discussion was great and it puts the two most popular drivers of IT transformation into perspective. The IT transformation journey is about making the whole greater than the sum of its parts, and combining ITSM and DevOps into a single class or workshop is spot-on. A great way to broaden people's understanding and take a fresh look at where you are and where you want to be.

  • 5
    Deep discussion about what companies are experiencing

    Posted by Lisa on Apr 7th 2018

    This course offers a unique perspective, that helps ‘bridge the gap’ between Dev and Ops teams. The dialog between all of us learners was awesome. Since it’s not a certification course, we had the opportunity to go into deep discussion about what companies are experiencing - including both struggles and successes.

  • 4
    This class was exactly what I needed

    Posted by David on Apr 4th 2018

    I think the material was spot on, and the learning objectives presented, are what we covered. There was a lot of great conversation, and I learned a lot from the other learners as well. The instructor did a great job facilitating conversations.