The Anatomy of XLA: Experience Level Agreements

The Anatomy of XLA: Experience Level Agreements

Apr 18th 2019

Presenter: Alan Nance, FISM, Managing Partner XLACollab... thought leader, innovator, creative disruptor.


Service Management exists to guarantee a valuable experience to customers and colleagues. Despite years of implementing best practices, the reputation of most technology departments is below par in the eyes of business leaders.

  • 90% of CEOs feel they aren’t meeting their customer needs.
  • 85% of CEOs don’t think technology is performing critical functions.

One of the core reasons is that technology teams are often trapped into measuring output rather than outcome, and KPIs on activities rather than XPIs that guarantee experience. 

Luckily, ITIL 4 now connects to the world of design thinking and experience management with its focus on co-creation and outcomes. But how can we include Experience Level Agreements (XLA) effectively and quickly?

In this presentation Alan will explain all-things XLA.

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