The V*A*L*U*E Formula

The V*A*L*U*E Formula

May 16th 2019

Presenter: Ken Wendle,  Author, speaker, consultant and instructor 

A common thread shared by almost every best practice or methodology – from ITIL to Lean to DevOps - is VALUE. Understanding, focusing on and improving our value ultimately is the most important thing any organization can do. 

The V*A*L*U*E Formula - an exciting new book by Ken Wendle - explains and explores the “five essential elements of value” which work together to help individuals and organizations define, focus, augment, differentiate and deliver their full value potential. 

This webinar will introduce and discuss “The V*A*L*U*E Formula” and model.

Topics and Key Takeaways:

  • It comes down to VALUE
  • Crafting a compelling Value Vision
  • Aspects of Alignment
  • Facets of Leverage and Uniqueness
  • Unleashing value through effective Execution