Cyber Resilience: There's no Time to Waste

Cyber Resilience: There's no Time to Waste

Posted by Cid Tyer on Apr 15th 2015

webinar-cyber-resilience.pngThe digital age provides all organisations with opportunities to grow and innovate. But it also brings a new world of risk, especially to our most precious information. The information that’s critical to our future success. All organisations are at risk and cyber resilience is no longer a ‘nice to have’. But many organizations continue to struggle to define what good cyber resilience looks like.

Good starts with a strategy. A strategy built around your business objectives and knowing what the cyber risks are to those objectives. It’s about having the right people, skills, awareness and culture to deliver the strategy. It’s also about understanding that you will never be bullet-proof – to support your prevention and detection activities it’s now as important to know how you will effectively respond and recover to a cyber-attack.

In June 2015 AXELOS Global Best Practice are launching a new Cyber Resilience Best Practice portfolio. This webinar with Nick Wilding, Head of Cyber Resilience at AXELOS, will outline:

  • what cyber resilience is and why it is so important to any organisation;
  • why all of us are on the cyber front line and how we all have a role to play;
  • why cyber resilience best practice is so vital to help define and manage what good looks like in your organisation;
  • how you can get involved in the development and launch of this exciting new initiative from AXELOS.

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