The ROI of ITSM: Know Your Financial Impact!

The ROI of ITSM: Know Your Financial Impact!

Nov 15th 2017

Complimentary Webinar - Thursday, November 16 at 11:00 am ET

Presenter: Jeff Rumburg, Co-founder and CEO of MetricNet

Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the most common and important measures of financial performance in the business world. It is the ultimate measure of success for any business. Most companies, business units, and departments track ROI on an ongoing basis, and use this metric not only to make intelligent business decisions, but to justify their very existence. Yet fewer than 10% of all technical support organizations utilize this critical metric.

Support groups that understand and quantify their ROI – and specifically link it to ITSM – gain a number of important advantages. Chief among the benefits of tracking ROI is an enhanced level of visibility and credibility within the organization, and the ability to obtain appropriate resourcing based upon the ROI of ITSM. Unfortunately ROI remains an abstraction to most in the industry. So how do we calculate ROI and quantify the value of IT Service Management to the enterprise?

This webinar will present a simple yet compelling methodology for calculating the ROI of ITSM. Benchmarking data will be presented that objectively demonstrates the relationship between ROI and ITSM maturity. Finally, a case study will be presented from a FORTUNE 100 company that adopted an ROI methodology to justify their ITSM initiatives.

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