Aligning the Power of Certifications with Your IKIGAI

Aligning the Power of Certifications with Your IKIGAI

May 18th 2023

Presenter: Gabrielle Davidsen, Managing Partner, Gartner Consulting

Have you ever questioned your career choices and how they support your purpose in life? Personal branding can be a challenge in a world full of distraction, pulling us away from our passions and necessities to reach arbitrary milestones with ambiguous or short-lived feelings of success. Purpose gives us direction and there are several ways to create a protocol that supports both our career ambitions and our personal journeys. 

In this webinar we will explore how to approach aligning our certifications with our purpose in life (IKIGAI), and propose alternative ways of considering how you can break both external and internal barriers by harmonizing your IKIGAI. 

Join us for Gabrielle's unique perspective on breaking barriers and getting ahead in your career and personal journeys to unleash the Unicorn within!