AI & The Future of Employee Service

AI & The Future of Employee Service

Oct 1st 2019

Presenter: Dan Turchin, Astound

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & The Future of Employee Service

The bots are coming… but not to take your job. Learn how and why AI and machine learning are making humans better and how organizations like McDonald’s and adidas are delivering better service today.

Astound co-founder Dan Turchin will discuss the future of AI in IT and provide actionable tips that will guarantee your AI initiatives succeed.  

Key takeaways:

  • How artificial intelligence is impacting IT
  • Why machine learning accelerates shift left strategies
  • How AI and natural language processing (NLP) are used to improve KPIs like MTTR, FCR, cost per ticket, and customer satisfaction
  • How AI-driven automation benefits the entire service lifecycle from provisioning and monitoring to incident, problem, and change management

Motivated by the ideas presented? Print a Personal Action Plan to capture them.

  • Download the slide deck
  • Download a copy of the eBook, How to Select the Right Virtual Agent