Critical Success Factors

Critical Success Factors for dedicated training:

  • With the training sponsors(s), ITSM Academy will conduct a pre-class call to extract Vision/Strategy/Goals, process implementation progress, training objectives, etc. 
  • Prior to class start, an email communication should be sent to the learners to help set expectations for class commitment and homework. 
  • On the first day of training, a Senior Manager/Stakeholder should conduct the course introduction explaining the purpose of the course, along with the learning and business goals.
  • Active participation by the attendees is an essential element to success. During the course, we facilitate several mini workshops, allowing the attendees excellent peer communication time. 
  • Client will provide a contact person to serve as an overall project liaison with ITSM Academy and shall be available to assist in the scheduling of activities.
  • When training is onsite, 
    • ITSM Academy requests client provides a Lecture Room, whiteboard or easel, projector and screen. 
    • Client will notify ITSM Academy in writing of any potential safety or health hazards that may exist at the site, as well as provide and/or recommend safety procedures to be followed while at the site.