Preparing for Digital Business with Matt Hooper

Posted by Eric Montijo on Oct 19th 2016

Preparing for Digital Business an ITSM Academy Webinar from ITSM Academy, Inc.

Complimentary Webinar - Thursday, October 20th at 11:00 am EDT

Presenter: Matt Hooper ITSM Evangelist, LANDESK Software

All facets of the business demand innovation from IT, but preparing for it requires scope, timing, vision, understanding the competitive landscape, and innovative business processes. This will require new roles, new approaches to funding special projects, value-based metrics, and controls to ensure that the shifts aren't seismic. In this session we'll look at examples of businesses that used big data and analytics, mobile, social media, IoT, or other disruptive technologies to revolutionize their business model, and we'll provide steps that can assist your journey.

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