Modernizing Self Service Access

Modernizing Self Service Access

Sep 21st 2018


Presenter: Nick Schneider, Lean Consultant/Managing Partner, Sumplify

Driven by a range of initiatives: DevOps, Digital Transformation, Modern Operations, etc - today Infrastructure and Operations organizations are experiencing growing pressure to modernize established IT Service Management (ITSM) processes and practices. The impetus is help streamline and accelerate software and service delivery to safely improve their organization’s speed, agility and responsiveness to the market. 

This presentation provides real world experiences and practical guidance on how to modernize key processes with self-service access (SSA) to safely empower software developers with autonomy, feedback loops and visibility across the end-to-end Service Deliver Lifecycle. 

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Our  ITSM For DevOps course covers modernizing processes, particularly Change Management. 

ITSM Academy has partnered with Sumplify to offer Self Service Assessments and a correlating training program.