Cut the ITIL Anchor, Raise the ITIL Sail

Cut the ITIL Anchor, Raise the ITIL Sail

Posted by Eric Montijo on Feb 16th 2017

Presenter: Matt Hooper
ITSM Evangelist, LANDESK Software

The idea that workers want to bring their own device is flawed. They don’t want to bring their own, they just don’t want to wait on IT to delivery antiquated solutions. Patience is not a business virtue in a world that expects a rapid pace of change. While ITIL helped manage fragile IT, stable infrastructure is now delivered through cloud and SaaS. However, this does not mean that ITSM has to slowly fall into irrelevance. This session explains how Lean ITSM and DevOps can accelerate business velocity. Join us to learn:
• How DevOps, continual deployment and other agile methods can improve governance.
• How to Transform your ITSM disciplines and systems into velocity engines instead of control systems.
• How to Identify the four challenges to enterprise agility and how ITSM can morph to meet the need.

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