SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) Foundation - Accredited

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While we always recommend learners attend our live, virtual training, we understand that time constraints don't always make that possible. This course is available to self-study. Please click here for more information. 

The SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) Foundation course is an introduction to the principles & practices that enable an organization to reliably and economically scale critical services. Introduces a range of practices for improving service reliability through a mixture of automation, working methods and organizational re-alignment. While fit for all who are interested in site reliability, this course is tailored for those focused on large-scale service availability. 

This 20 hour course highlights the evolution of SRE and its future direction, and equips participants with the practices, methods, and tools to engage people across the organization involved in reliability and stability evidenced through the use of real-life scenarios and case stories. Upon completion of the course, participants will have tangible takeaways to leverage when back in the office such as understanding, setting and tracking Service Level Objectives (SLO’s). 

"Ripped From The Classroom"- What Is SRE

The course has been developed by leveraging key SRE sources, engaging with thought-leaders in the space and working with organizations embracing SRE to extract real-life best practices and has been designed to teach the key principles & practices necessary for starting SRE adoption. Come ready to participate in lively discussions about improvements, benefits and challenges.

This course culminates with an independent exam. Successfully passing (65%) the 60 minute exam, consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions, leads to the SRE Foundation Certificate.  

Class also includes experiential exercises, GAME ON! An Interactive Learning Experience® and access to ITSM Academy's Learner Portal.

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Learning Objectives: The learning objectives for SRE Foundation include a practical understanding of:

  • The history of SRE and its emergence at Google
  • The inter-relationship of SRE with DevOps and other popular frameworks
  • The underlying principles behind SRE
  • Service Level Objectives (SLO’s) and their user focus
  • Service Level Indicators (SLI’s) and the modern monitoring landscape
  • Error budgets and the associated error budget policies
  • Toil and its effect on an organization’s productivity
  • Some practical steps that can help to eliminate toil
  • Observability as something to indicate the health of a service
  • SRE tools, automation techniques and the importance of security
  • Anti-fragility, our approach to failure and failure testing
  • The organizational impact that introducing SRE brings

Delivery: For 20 hours, our learners are immersed in material that is presented in a fun, practical manner using exercises, sample exam questions and real-world examples.


  • Anyone starting or leading a move towards increased reliability and trustworthiness
  • Anyone interested in modern IT leadership and organizational change approaches
  • Business Managers
  • Business Stakeholders
  • Change Agents
  • Consultants
  • DevOps Practitioners
  • SRE Program Leaders and Stakeholders
  • IT Directors
  • IT Managers
  • IT Team Leaders
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Software Engineers
  • Site Reliability Engineers
  • SRE Tool Administrators
  • System Integrators
  • Tool Providers

Professional Education Hours: Individuals attending this class will earn 20 professional education hours (e.g., PDUs, CPEs, CEUs) upon completion of this course. These professional education hours can be submitted to associations such as the Project Management Institute and ISACA, if applicable.

Instructors: As with all ITSM Academy training, our instructors have successful track records as IT professionals and bring that acumen into the classroom. Utilizing the highest quality content, our trainers blend their real-life experiences into lively classroom discussion.

Trainers for this course are seasoned professionals, hold multiple DevOps, Agile and ITSM industry certifications and have successfully completed ITSM Academy's SRE Train-the-Trainer Program.

Course / Student Materials:

  • Access to ITSM Academy's Learner Portal - - extends the classroom experience with online content and tools
    • Digital Learner Manual (excellent post-class reference)
    • Research Paper - WhatIs? Site Reliability Engineering
    • Learner Personal Action Plan
    • Sample documents, templates tools and techniques
    • Study aids and sample exams 
    • Access to additional sources of information and communities - including the State of DevOps Report
  • Twenty (20) hours of instructor led training and exercise facilitation
  • Participation in our GAME ON! An Interactive Learning Experience® 
  • Participation in unique assignments designed to apply concepts
  • In-class exam preparation
  • Exam voucheracademy-green.png

Let's Go Green: Materials for this course are provided as downloadable soft copy files that can be viewed on a variety of devices. Attendees may print a hard copy of the files in whatever format best meets their needs, and can use the files under the Terms of Use as indicated on the material.

Prerequisites:  Complete pre-class reading assignment


Certification: Successfully passing (65%) the 90 minute examination, consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions, leads to the SRE Foundation certificate. To purchase an exam only, please visit our Exam Voucher page and select the corresponding exam from the dropdown

Classes Held In:

Learners should only commit to classes they are prepared to attend.  ITSM Academy Open Enrollment Class Terms and Conditions.


  • 5
    My interest in Chaos engineering has increased now that it makes sense to me.

    Posted by Shivani on Sep 18th 2023

    The games/quizzes really brings the interest and clarity of concepts. Our instructor covered all the points in depth which helped me a lot to know about the concepts that I had never heard of.

  • 5
    Rose was amazing. She is so organized in thought and runs a tight ship

    Posted by G. Patel on Jun 3rd 2022

    I can't wait to bring this knowledge back! Some of the cultural changes that need to make will take time but, in small doses we can really apply them.

  • 5
    Extending the Delivery Pipeline (INTO PRODUCTION)

    Posted by Judy S on Oct 8th 2020

    This course content has really good information about how to improve reliability of Production services, increasing Observability, and steps to take to transform into an SRE-Led Service organization. Cultural change is imperative in order to achieve success, and it will take time. The class video's and discussions bring together key concepts of ITSM, DevOps, Agile, Lean and allows a learner to understand how these all fit together to provide optimal value to Customers/Users, improving their Experience! You will be glad you took this course and gained the knowledge and certification.

  • 5
    "the wisdom of production"

    Posted by Keith S. on Sep 30th 2020

    The headline represents one of a handful of the true 'spirits' of the SRE course. There are aspects that provide (or validate) clear clues to integrating your various disciplines around 'speed to value' for your stakeholders. The more of the background and exposure in these disciplines individually brought to this course (including that of the group), the more this class will lend itself to great discussions. The value add video clips were invaluable, proving that companies can gain and maintain competitive advantage in the way they way they focus on experience - but also shared their experience in getting there. Refreshing!