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Fifty-five hours and fifty-five minutes into the Apollo 13 mission, those infamous words started a chain reaction of technical problems that threaten both the astronauts' survival and their safe return to Earth.  

Imagine you are on the Apollo 13 support team, when one of your crew-members reports hearing a loud 'bang'. The bang is the explosion of the liquid oxygen tank No. 2 in the Service Module, providing vital oxygen used by the fuel cells that are Apollo's primary power source. The backup battery-powered electric supply in the Command and Service Module (CSM) has a lifetime of up to ten hours.  Unfortunately, your ship is 87 hours from home. Your spacecraft is slowly dying. You have a serious problem, unless you, the crew members and the other ground support staff start working as a team to solve this problem.

But remember, time is running out. Fast.

Apollo 13 - an ITSM Case Experience is an intensive one day training in which the ITSM concepts and processes are not only explained, but experienced by the course attendees through the use of an interactive game. In this training real life situations taken from the Apollo 13 mission are simulated.

You will work in teams, playing the roles of the Mission Operations Ground Crew in Houston. Your mission: bring the crippled spacecraft and its crew safely home. By doing so, you and your colleagues will learn and experience all the benefits of seeing process improvement in action.

Participants get to see and feel the consequences of their decisions and actions upon the quality, cost, customer satisfaction and overall business results within the simulated environment of the Apollo 13 Mission Operations Control Center.

By giving attendees remarkable insight into the true importance of effective process, the Apollo 13 interactive workshop will help improve the capabilities of your IT organization.

The day is broken into four (4) distinct modules.

  • Build and Launch a Rocket (Configuration, Financial and Release)
  • Houston, We Have a Problem (Service Desk, Incident and Problem)
  • How to Get them Home (Change, Capacity, Availability)
  • Limited Resources (Configuration, Change, Service Level, Availability)

At the end of each module, service level reports are provided by the crewmembers. From this feedback, ground crew is given time, (but not much!) to reengineer the processes.

Through the one day session, participants will simulate a 6 to 9 month project and learn to avoid costly mistakes.

Simulation can be delivered at your site, or in a virtual environment, for a group of 8 or more. Contact us to learn more about options and pricing.

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    Entertaining, Informative and Memorable

    Posted by Rachael on Apr 7th 2022

    This was a great Simulation. Inspired our team to work together as well as learning a lot about ITIL and processes.