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Mastering the XMO (Experience Management Office) Certification Course


Mastering the XMO (Experience Management Office) Certification Course


Product Description

Mastering the XMO (Experience Management Office)


Experience Level Agreements (XLAs) are the foundation of a fresh and optimistic approach to managing the business of technology. Once you have XLAs designed, it’s time to get them into an operation and to have people responsible to measure, track, understand, investigate, improve, update and action the experience findings that result from those XLA measures. The Experience Management Office (XMO) is one practical solution to do that.

This three-day course takes learners through the XMO concepts, then explores an XMO’s scope, the roles required, a variety of science of experience management techniques, the art of experience interpretations, and dealing with the experience ecosystem in an operational environment.

This course enables learners to understand many of the practical realities of creating and running an XMO. Engage with skilled and expert instructors to learn the how some of the more advanced Art & Science of Experience concepts come into play to provide business benefits. Among these topics are the science of survey questionnaire construction, survey methodologies, the basics of survey responses statistical validation, and the art of interpreting and subsequently investigating root causes of experience issue findings. While advanced, the XMO Art & Science of Experience concepts are presented in an uncomplicated, straight forward, and easy to understand manner.

The course includes group discussions, participant examples of experience challenges they are facing, and exercises using XMO example operational scenarios simulations to make the course as meaningful as possible. The course concludes with an exciting capstone exercise simulating a 9-month XMO operation in which a variety of “experience issues” arise, are investigated and action determined to pull together all that has been learned.

“If you can't explain it to a six-year old, you don't understand it yourself.”  Albert Einstein

In Class Experience: Learners acquire a practical understanding of what an XMO is and how it can work when implementing an XMO.

  • Fundamentals of experience concepts and the XLA Framework are recapped.
  • The XMO overview is introduced.
  • The XMO scope of work along with tasks, responsibilities and outcomes are then discussed.
  • Next the XMO roles required to address the scope are explored.
  • An in-depth review of the Science of Surveys concepts and statistics is introduced and explained. Using interactive demonstrations & simulations, the effect of changes and what one would evaluate, verify and validate to ensure mathematic accuracy of the survey data.
  • Science of Measurements is then further examined also using interactive demonstrations & simulations via an example XMO dashboard.
  • The Art of Interpretation of the various experience findings one may see in a typical operation is discussed. Using examples, “experience detectives” scenario exercises reinforce the art of interpretations, hypotheses creation and investigations into likely root causes.
  • The considerations for Orchestrating the Experience Ecosystem are examined, from both internal and external points-of-view, regarding the interactions an XMO could possibly be expected to manage.

Class culminates with a challenging XMO capstone exercise, covering 9-months of an example XMO operation.  This team exercise is conducted to bring together all of the concepts, scope, roles, art and science and ecosystem interfaces.

Delivery: Over three days, learners are immersed in an XMO’s scope, the roles required, the science of experience management, the art of interpretation, and dealing with the experience ecosystem in a practical manner using exercises and real-world examples.

Who will be your fellow participants? This class is for all professionals and organizations that are ready to move past concepts and to put XLAs and experience management into an operation and business. 

Course / Student Materials

  • Access to ITSM Academy's Learner Portal - - extends the classroom experience with online content and tools
    • Digital learner manual (excellent post-class reference)
    • Sample documents and templates
    • The Art & Science of Experience Glossary
    • Personal Action Plan
    • Memory exercises, study aids and sample exams
  • Instructor led education and exercise facilitation
  • Participation in unique in-class assignments 
  • In-class exam preparation
  • Exam voucher 

Certification: Learners earn their XMO Master certificate by achieving a passing score on a 60 minute, 40 question examination.  

PrerequisitesEssence of Experience course, leading to the XLA Essentials certification (required) and Mastering XLA Framework course, leading to the XLA Framework Master certification (highly recommended, not required)

Instructors:  Our instructors have years of hands-on IT Practitioner experience, enabling them to effectively intertwine theory and real life stories and scenarios. Using the highest quality content, this training style encourages active group participation, allowing all learners to bring from class a wealth of practical knowledge.  Workshop leaders are fiercely independent thinkers, who have a track record of using XLAs to achieve positive change in large organizations. 

This course is proudly delivered in partnership with CitrusCollab.

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